Fabulous Fur Friends

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Providing Volunteer Pet Care Grooming Services for Hospice & In-Home Assistance Care Patients

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For many people in hospice care or in-home assistance care, pets offer unconditional love, acceptance, comfort, and companionship when it’s needed most – in times when friends and family aren’t seen as frequently.

Fabulous Fur Friends program provides helping hands and pet grooming services so that caring volunteers can help patients with pet care needs. With this loving support, patients are able to focus on their health and not the stress of their furry friend.

Fabulous Fur Friends provides volunteer pet care grooming services for patients who are unable to care for their pets while on hospice or in-home assistance care. Fabulous Fur Friends is available to all hospice and in-home care patients who have concerns about their pets.

For more information about Fabulous Fur Friends program, please call (979) 704-6363.

Services Include

  • Routine Grooming
  • Transporting the Pet to Grooming Appointments


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